Barthalmus Grant Winners 2016-2017

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Barthalmus Grant winners:

  • Houston Cole, Campbell University, Synthesis of Heterodisubstituted Pyridines via
    Cyclization of Methyl Ketones, DMSO, and Ammonium Salts
  • Rachel Crawford, Meredith College, Subjectivity, Authenticity, and the
    Contextualized Body
  • Zakiyah R. Henry, Winston Salem State University, A Look Inside the Codependence
    of NO and Insulin in Type II Diabetes
  • John Drake Johnson, North Carolina State University, Synthesis and Optimization of
    Ultrabright BODIPY Fluorophores
  • Ami K. Patel, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Metal Complexes of New
    Chalcogenone Ligands
  • Ivana Premasinghe, Duke University, Healthy Choices, Latina Voices: Improving
    Health for Interested Low Income,Working Middle Aged Latina Women in Durham
  • Avery Salmon, Mars Hill University, Evaluating Macrophage Production of TGF-beta
    Following Amphibole Asbestos Exposure
  • Alexandra Sprouse, High Point University, Relative contributions of apoptosis and
    necrosis in stroke models
  • Kenya L. Williams, Shaw University, Activation of the Nuclear Receptor NOR1, a
    Target for Type II Diabetes
  • Rishita Reddy Yeduri, East Carolina University, Poxvirus Gene and it’s Role in
    Endosome Trafficking and Antigen Presentation: Crucial Steps in Activation
    of Immune Response