Previous Grant Winners


Lorreen Agandi – East Carolina University

Broad Heritability of Interpopulation Divergence in Stickleback Color Pattern

Grace Lim – Duke University

Identification of Novel Regulators of Cell Invasion In Vivo

Avery Dominguez –  UNC Wilmington

Developing a Test Model System for Hatching Crustacean Zooplankton

Edgar Ferrer-Lorenzo – Duke University

Systematic Interrogation of Druggable Pathways in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

Amanda Johnson – Salem College

Results of Economic Regulation on Crassostrea Virginica Oyster: Common Pool Resources and Optimal Yield

C. Kabryn Mattison – Nash Community College

Past, Present, Future: Past Hybridization between Two Dusky Salamander Lineages

Mollie McKinley –  High Point University

Mary Worth’s “Pamphilia to Amphilanthus” and the Limits of the Self

Andrew Reid – East Carolina University

Development of Gd3N@C80(OH)20 as a Contrasting Agent for Imaging in the Brain

Samantha Tracy – UNC Charlotte

Genetic, Emotional, and Executive Control Contributions to Social Networking Behaviors

Zachary Zechman – NC State University

Measuring Rice Growth with Time Lapse Photography by Raspberry Pi Computing



Lauren Askew – UNC Chapel Hill

Understanding the Mechanisms of Lipid Droplet Autophagy

Jessica Avila – Nash Community College

Morphological Homoplasy Within Mountain Dusky Salamanders

Jacob A. Cole – Appalachian State University 

Frequency Domain Fluorescene Anisotropy of the Organic Anion Transporter

Camille Knudsen – UNC Greensboro

The Cultural Identities of Korean Potters

Suyash Kumar – Duke University

Massively Parallel Cas9 Guide RNA Generation and Screening as a Novel Genomic Exploratory Approach

Joshua McMenemy – Duke University

A Method for Direct Delivery of Cas9 for Genome Engineering

Rupa Vummalaneni – UNC Greensboro

Mechanistic Investigation into a Novel Decarboxylation Reaction



Abigail Leonie Maiorana-Boutilier – East Carolina University

Proposal for Origins of “Black Mat” Found at the Younger Dryas Boundary

Corbin Daniel Ester – Appalachian State University

New Cobalt Glyoximes as Potential Hydrogen Catalysts

Alexa Sterling – UNC Wilmington

Ecological Interactions between the Marine Ciliate Favella sp. and the Toxic Diatom Pseudo-nitzschia spp.

LaShonda Caine – Nash Community College

A Phylogeographic Profile of Red and Mud Salamander

Joseph Wu – Duke University 

Mechanistic Studies of c-Jun and JunB Proteins in Epidermal Cell Growth and Differentiation



Bobbie Legg –  Nash Community College

The Phylogenetic Position of the Two-lined Salamander Populations from a Contact Zone Along the North Carolina and Virginia Borders

Alma Beciragic – Queens University of Charlotte

Testing the Effect of a Targeted Information Campaign on Recycling Behavior

Rachel Morgan Pollard – East Carolina University

Assessment of the Validity of the Namib Darkling Beetle Subspecies Onymacris ungricularis schulzeae: A Molecular Genetic Analysis

Allison Parker – High Point University

Iron Chelation Studies on Polysacharide Support

Daniel Nasrallah – UNC Greensboro

Modification of Transition Metal-Catalyzed Reactions by Incorporation of Additives: Selective Synthesis of Cyclooctatetraenes

Jessica MacNaire – UNC Greensboro 

Music and Language in Working Memory