2020 Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will SNCURCS be held?

The SNCURCS event will be held virtually with a go live date of Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. No registration is required. The student presentation schedule will be available in late October. 

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Who is eligible to present their work at SNCURCS?

Any undergraduate student currently enrolled at an institution of higher education in North Carolina. This means any and all undergraduate students at community colleges and four-year colleges/universities. In addition, high school students from select programs are eligible. The research/scholarship/creative work could be from a class (like independent research), participation in an undergraduate research experience, or other funded projects with a faculty mentor, even if you volunteered your time to the project. If you carried out the work as an undergraduate but are now enrolled as a graduate student, you are eligible to present. 

High school students may apply to present their work also. Please discuss with your teacher/mentor and email SNCURCS2020@ecu.edu for information.

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Can I present if I did my research/scholarship at an institution outside of North Carolina?

Yes. For example, if you spent the summer conducting research at a national laboratory or college/university outside of North Carolina, you can still present at SNCURCS. The qualifying criterion is that you are enrolled as an undergraduate student at an institution of higher learning in North Carolina. 

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May a graduate student or faculty member present their research at SNCURCS?

No, with one exception. The organizing committee feels strongly that SNCURCS should focus on the research, scholarship and creative achievements of undergraduate students. However, if you carried out the work as an undergraduate but are now enrolled as a graduate student, you are eligible to present. 

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When is the deadline to submit an abstract for SNCURCS?

The Abstract Submission Portal will open on Sept. 14, 2020. The abstract submission deadline is Oct. 15, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. No additional extensions will be permitted).  

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What length does my abstract need to be?

All abstracts should be submitted through the Abstract Submission Portal and be no more than 250 words. 

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What size should my poster be?

Posters should not be any larger than 3’x4′ or 4’x3′. Please see the Presentation Guidelines link for further details. 

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Does my project have to be completely finished for me to present?

No, although many students’ work will be. You should at least be able to present what the overall question is, explain how you will answer the question, and any preliminary results you have. 

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Is there a way for me to publish a peer-reviewed paper with this conference?

Yes. Please check out the state of North Carolina’s undergraduate research journal, Explorations, for more information. 

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How do I register for the symposium?

No registration is required in 2020. Students who are presenting will have information on uploading their presentations after the abstracts are submitted. 

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Is there a registration fee for students, faculty mentors or others attending the symposium?

For 2020, no. Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, this year’s SNCURCS is free for all student presenters, faculty mentors and other attending guests. No registration is required 

To participate in the Recruiter’s Fair, vendors, recruiters and other professional organizations and corporations must register and pay a fee for an information table. See the Recruiter Registration link to register in Fall 2020.

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Can I choose what time I present my work?

No. Oral presentations, including performances, are the only ones that will require you to be available at a specified time to participate in a question and answer session. Your session will be scheduled by SNCURCS to ensure the best distribution of them throughout the day. However, if you cannot be there at a particular time (e.g., morning or afternoon), please email SNCURCS. 

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What types of presentations will there be?

Poster Presentations: Students who present in this format will prepare a poster for upload and an optional short (5 min max) video describing it. This type of presentation is asynchronous and will have a comment box for questions and feedback. The student is expected to monitor the comment box from Nov. 6-7, and at the end of the symposium on Nov. 14. Most comments will be made close to or on Nov. 7. 

Oral Presentations:  Students who present in this format will prepare a video (10 min max) for upload. The presentation is asynchronous and therefore once the session is live tThese students will be scheduled in a session of up to 10 presentations in the same subject area for a 60 minute question and answer session on Nov. 7. After the schedule is complete, you can find when your session will be. You will also be notified through email and given a link for the session. 

Exhibitions and Displays: Students who present in this format will follow the instructors for poster presentations. 

Performance, Film, Music or Video Productions: Students who present in this format will follow the instructions for oral presentations. However, we will allow up to 20 min for the video. 

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What type of presentation type should I choose?

Speak to your mentor if you are unsure which presentation type you should choose to best highlight your work. 

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What happens if I worked with a group on a research project? Can a group make a presentation?

Yes, but you will be limited to the same amount of time that single presenters are given. The Abstract Submission Portal will ask the primary student to designate any co-presenters. The co-presenters do not have to submit abstracts. Each group should only submit one abstract.  

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How do I upload my presentation?

Instructions on uploading the presentation will be sent after the abstracts are submitted. Uploaded poster files need to be in PDF format and under 10MB. Videos will be shared via a YouTube link, as indicated on upload form, as YouTube allows us to meet all accessibility standards and is able to automatically compress videos to mitigate any bandwidth issues for viewers. The YouTube videos should be set as ‘unlisted’ following upload so that they don’t appear in any public search (i.e. they are only accessible through the unique link).  The instructions, and both links, are included on the upload form. Check your email from Smartsheet for details.

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