2021 Presentation Guidelines

ORAL PRESENTATIONS  (including Creative Performances)

  • Students who present in this format will upload a video of themselves presenting including any visual information (ie Powerpoint). Please limit the length to 10 min. See video preparation information for details.
  • Presenters will need to upload the final presentation during the presentation upload timeframe. If not uploaded before the deadline, the presentation will be cancelled.
  • Presenters will share their video via a YouTube link (as indicated on upload form) as YouTube allows us to meet all accessibility standards and is able to automatically compress videos to mitigate any bandwidth issues for viewers.  The YouTube videos should be set as ‘unlisted’ following upload so that they don’t appear in any public search (i.e. they are only accessible through the unique link).  The instructions (and both links) are included on the upload form.
  • Each presenter will be assigned to a live question and answer session through Zoom at a specific timeslot with several (approx. 10) other presenters in the same subject area.
  • A moderator will be in your virtual room to moderate the live discussion. On the day of the live session, if possible, be somewhere with strong reliable internet access and free of background noise.
  • SNCURCS reserves the right to cancel a presenter’s presentation session if the above requirements are not met.

POSTER PRESENTATIONS (including Exhibits)

  • Students who present in this format will prepare a poster for upload and an optional short (5 min max) video describing it.
  • Uploaded poster files need to be in PDF format and under 10MB (as stated on the upload form).
  • Posters have a chat function for people to post comments, and for the presenters to reply.
  • After the session goes live, students should check the chat/comment box regularly through Nov. 13 (at least once a day). There will be no live (synchronous) sessions for posters or exhibits.
  • Posters may be oriented horizontally or vertically, uploaded as a PDF.
  • Students will be designated to a poster session group based on the number and subject area listed in the SNCURCS program and on the presentation schedule published on the SNCURCS website.
  • Poster formatting tips:
    • The title of your poster should appear across the top in large letters.  Titles in a 60-pt. font will stand out and be easy to read.  The minimum font size for poster titles should be 36-pt. There is a max. 10 MB file size limit.
    • Below the title, put the name of the student presenter, co-presenter(s), faculty mentor(s), and the school or institution.
    • Use at least a 24-pt. font or larger for the main text, so that it shows up easily in the virtual environment.
    • Posters generally read from left to right and top to bottom in columns.
    • Use color for highlighting and to make your poster more attractive.  Use pictures, graphs, diagrams, and graphics rather than text whenever possible.
    • Limit the text. Your audience will be scrolling through many posters. Most of your audience will likely not read large blocks of text, so use bullets instead of paragraphs whenever possible.
    • The ideal poster is designed to attract attention, provide a brief overview of your work, and initiate discussion.



  • Students who present in this format will showcase their work using the Oral Presentation guidelines. with the exception of length (20 minutes will be given for the video length for performances, art exhibits/displays, and film/video productions.
  • For performances, each presenter will be assigned to a live question and answer session with other performers in the same category.
  • For exhibits/displays, presenters will use the poster portal.