2022 Presentation Guidelines

ORAL PRESENTATIONS  (including Creative Performances)

  • Oral presentation guidelines will be available soon.

POSTER PRESENTATIONS (including Exhibits)

  • Poster presentation guidelines will be available soon.
  • Poster formatting tips:
    • The title of your poster should appear across the top in large letters.  Titles in a 60-pt. font will stand out and be easy to read.  The minimum font size for poster titles should be 36-pt. There is a max. 10 MB file size limit.
    • Below the title, put the name of the student presenter, co-presenter(s), faculty mentor(s), and the school or institution.
    • Use at least a 24-pt. font or larger for the main text, so that it is easy to read.
    • Posters generally read from left to right and top to bottom in columns.
    • Use color for highlighting and to make your poster more attractive.  Use pictures, graphs, diagrams, and graphics rather than text whenever possible.
    • Limit the text. Your audience will be looking at many posters. Most of your audience will likely not read large blocks of text, so use bullets instead of paragraphs whenever possible.
    • The ideal poster is designed to attract attention, provide a brief overview of your work, and initiate discussion.



  • Students who present in this format will showcase their work using the Oral Presentation guidelines with the exception of length (20 minutes will be given for performances, art exhibits/displays, and film/video productions).