Conduct Guidelines

Here are a few important guidelines for attending a student conference:

  1. Please dress professionally.
  2. Arrive before the start of your session to be prepared. Speakers should have their presentations on a thumb drive and should load their presentations on the computer before the hour session starts. It is also wise to have a copy waiting for you in email,  just in case.
  3. Never walk in on speakers while they are talking (unless they have asked you to). Everyone is very nervous and an interruption is nerve-rattling.
  4. Similarly, please don’t walk out on a speaker who is talking. If you need to leave quickly to make another session, you may duck out at questions.
  5. Be sensitive to the feelings of speakers. Try not to leave a speaker with no audience or a poster or exhibit presenter standing alone.  If you come only to present your own work and then leave, you miss the point of a conference.  Be the audience you hope to have!
  6. Ask questions! And don’t be afraid if you do not know an answer to a question you are asked. It’s okay to say that you do not know.
  7. Do not exceed the time you have to speak in an oral presentation; you will be stopped to keep the conference on time.
  8. Be prepared to attend you poster or exhibit for the full time designated.
  9. Practice a lot!