Barthalmus Awards



Dr. George T. Barthalmus was the driving force behind the creation of the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium. He had a passion for encouraging undergraduates to pursue their interests through the process of research, be it in the sciences, humanities, or through artistic expression. He was an advocate for early involvement of students in the research process as a way to engage and retain students in academics. To this end, the George Barthalmus Undergraduate Research Awards have been developed to promote early involvement in the research process through support of sophomores in a research project of their design. These awards are designed to assist students with development and engagement in undergraduate research. Students from all disciplines are invited to apply for the awards.

Awards will be made to sophomores only. Students must be U.S. Citizens.

Proposals will be reviewed by faculty familiar with the field of study (discipline), and recommendations for funding will be considered by a committee appointed by the SNCURCS advisory board. Students will be notified approximately 1 week prior to the fall symposium, and awards will be presented at the fall symposium.

All grant winners are expected to participate in the symposium the following year.

Students are encouraged to apply for grants ranging from $100 – $500.
The maximum award is $500.

Deadline: October 18, 2019

Application Materials:

Criteria & Instructions:

1. Research awards are for research to be carried out between Fall 2019 and Spring/Summer 2020. Maximum amount available to be determined by SNCURCS Advisory Board.  Projects that are hypothesis driven and include cost-sharing from the host institution will be most competitive.

2. Applicants must be sophomores in good standing at any North Carolina college or university, plan to be enrolled next year, and plan to present at the 2020 SNCURCS. The faculty sponsor/mentor is responsible for ensuring participation in the 2019 SNCURCS. No faculty advisor can sponsor more than three applicants in any one year.

3Applicants must include the following:

From the student: One copy of…
      • The proposal cover sheet with all appropriate signatures.
      • A narrative description of the research and its importance to the student’s future plans. This should include an introduction with a clear statement of purpose, a description of methods and materials, a timeline for the work, and a list of pertinent references. The complete document should be no longer than three typed, double-spaced pages.
      • A one-page budget summary. Itemize as specifically as possible; no miscellaneous line items, please! The budget should be comprehensive; however, since typical awards will be in the $100-$500 range, projects requiring more funding than this should include a short statement that indicates source(s) from which additional funding will be sought (e.g. institution cost-sharing, another grant, etc.) These awards are intended to cover materials, supplies and travel directly associated with conducting research. The awards are not intended to be used as stipend/salary or to present research.
From the faculty sponsor/mentor:
      • One copy of a supporting letter addressed to the Barthalmus Grant Committee to be emailed to

4. Any research requiring special permits or approvals (e.g. human or animal use, euthanasia, banding, etc.) should clearly state that those permits will be, or are, in hand. Individuals and the institution are responsible for obtaining all appropriate permits and approvals.

5. Recipients must present a paper or poster on their research at the 2020 SNCURCS.

6. All application materials should be sent to:
George T. Barthalmus Research Awards
c/o Ms. Heather King
Office of Undergraduate Research
NC State University
Campus Box 7576
Raleigh, NC 27695-7576
or emailed as 1 single pdf document to

7. Deadline for receipt of all application materials is October 18, 2019. Recipients will be notified of awards by November 1, 2019. Recipients must indicate their acceptance of the research award by November 5, 2019 in order to be recognized in the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium Abstract Book.