Hotel Information

The Hilton Garden Inn is located near Duke University’s Durham Campus and is serving as the official hotel of SNCURCS 2019.

Other nearby hotels:

JB Duke Hotel


For students who are traveling from institutions three or more hours away from Durham, NC

SNCURCS will make hotel reservations on your behalf and cover the cost of the hotel for one night. Students will be assigned a single room with 2 beds and share with another student from their home institution.

The student must indicate that they are a student traveling from one of the institutions that is more than 3 hours away from Duke University and seeking hotel accommodations online during Registration in order to receive these accommodations.*

ONLY the institutions that are located more than 3 hours away from Duke University qualify for free hotel accommodations.

Check-in times and other reservation details will be communicated via email in late October.  If you do not receive an email please contact us no later than November 4, 2019 to confirm your room assignment. Please note, you should expect to share your hotel room with another SNCURCS attendee from your institution.

 *The host institution is not responsible for students/institutions who do not communicate the need for housing.

For all other attendees, above you will find a few hotels for those who wish to stay overnight, but are traveling from an institution within three hours driving distance from Durham, NC. These attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations and paying for those accommodations. This list is a very small list of hotels near the Duke University Campus.